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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Labor of Love 50 Miler

Ok I guess I haven't been updating my races for awhile so I will make it a quick recap of this race.

This was my 2nd 50 Miler event, last year I did the American River 50 up north in Auburn, CA, so this year I decided to do this Calico Racing's event, since it's close to Vegas so there wasnt too much of the driving, only around 4 hrs or so. Plus I was on my quest to get my SLAM, which I have to complete 4 Calico Racing events within a 12 months period, and  Labor of Love event was my 3rd out of 4 events that I needed to complete.

Packet Pickup - Friday, 4-8-11

The packet pickup was located inside the REI store in Henderson, which was about 15 miles from Las Vegas, the processing was pretty nice and fast, I was in and out of there in about half an hour

Pre-Race Dinner

I helped organized a carbo load dinner at Bucca di Beppo nearby Vegas, there were only 8 of us so it was a small group, which worked out best because we could get to talk to everybody all at once instead of having a large group.

Race morning - Saturday 4-9-11

It was REALLY REALLY cold in the morning, after I picked up my friends, who were also running the race, we  drove to the parking area which was only a few miles from the start. We stayed inside the car since it was 24 degree outside at 5am!!! We stayed in there for like an hour then we had to take the shuttle bus to the start.

The race started at 7am, I decided to keep my arm warmers and gloves with me the whole race. We started running on this paved road inside the beautiful Loyell Canyon. For the 50 miler, all we had to do was run this 11 mile stretch out and back twice, which makes is 44 miles total, then a little 3 miles out and back to complete the 50 miles. They have 2 full stocked aid station about 5.5 miles, and the water station every 2 to 3 miles.

Since I was doing the 50 miler, I was just trying to take it easy and take it slow, my goal was to beat my previous 50 miler time, which was 11:08. After 4 miles of climbing, there was finally a long stretch of downhill leading to the first fully stocked station, they had cup o noddles, pretzels, bananas, etc. After I grabbed a few snacks, I continued my way and looking forward to the turnaround point at Mile 11 mark. When I reached the turnaround point, I had the volunteer made me a cup of Cup of Noodle cuz it was still cold that time. Then I  finished the first loop in around 4 hour. So I had pretty good chance of setting a new PR for 50 Miler.

A quick self portrait before I went for my 2nd loop.

For the first time in my running experience, I have ran in the snow!!! It was around Mile 33 when I was on my way to the turnaround point for the 2nd time, there was actually snowing while I was running. I still had my arm warmer and gloves on cuz it was REALLY cold, as you can see it in the picture below, plus I had not one but 2 cups of noodles to warm me up!!! the sodium from the soup always help. I actually continued to walk back while I was eating the noodles at the same time, I felt like I was in heaven when I taste those noodles.

Here is me enjoying my cup of noodles IN THE SNOW!!
The aid station had hot water boiling to keep us warm.

I finished the 2nd loop a little over 9 hours, then after I grabbed yet another cup of noodles, I went back for another loops, but this time it was only 6 miles, 3 miles out, 3 miles back. I was running/walking with this guy who was doing the 100 miler, which he had to complete the loop 4 times!! He was on his way for his 3rd loop, he talked to me and encouraged me to push myself a little when I didnt feel like running, then when I reach the turnaround point, he continued his way while I finished my last 3 miles!!

I finished the 50 Miler in 10:29.28!! A NEW 50 Miler PR!!! I also won 1st place for my age group!! Actual the first 2 overall finishers are in my age group, but there is not double dipping, they cant win both award, so I guess I will take it. I got this little cactus as my trophy.

Overall, I think this is another challenging fun course, actually all the Calico Racing's events are challenging AND fun!! I will definately do this again soon, maybe 100 miler next time. =-)

Next Race.......................Big Sur International Marathon, 5-1-11

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