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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rock N Roll Arizona Marathon Recap

This was my  2nd marathon of the year and  75th overall

I have ran this race since 2005 and this year I have ran my fastest!!! 

2005 - 5:05.08
2006 - 4:43.57
2007 - 4:39.58
2008 - 4:17.55
2009 - 4:13.10
2010 - 4:27.12 (suffering with a strained left achilles tendon problem from a race the week before)
2011 - 4:05.41!!!

Saturday - 1-15-11

I picked up my rental car from John Wayne Airport the day before so I could leave for Arizona after work. I started my trip at 2:30am and drove NON STOP for 5 1/2 hours to Phoenix, AZ. My rental was a Chrysler Sebring, which I really like, I didnt have to stop for gas until I got to Phoenix, it has about 400 miles tank, great sounds system, plus it has a phonejack input so I could plug in my iPhone and watch my Netflix while I was driving!! Something to kept me entertain for my lonely long drive.

When I got to Tempe I stopped by this place called Chompies for some breakfast, this place was featured on the show Man vs Food because they have this crazy food challenge that if you finish 12 of their famous sliders, you will get your picture on their wall, but I didnt take on their challenge, maybe one day.

So after I was all fueled and rested, just a little, I drove to the airport to pick up 2 of my Maniacs Ed and Donna,  then we headed to the expo. I happend to sign up for next year RNR Arizona for only $75 at the expo!! Cant beat that price, plus I have been running RNRAZ since their 1st year in 2004, but only 2004 I did the Half.

Pre Race Dinner

We met up with other Maniacs and Fanatics and friends at this restaurant call Michelina, it's a family owned restaurant so it's very authentic, their food were amazingly good. This was my carbo load meal.

Group pic at the dinner

Race Day - 1-16-11

My fellow Maniac Sef was staying with me for the night after the dinner, we stayed only about a mile from the finish line so getting to the parking lot across the street from ASU in the morning and taking the shuttle to the start was completely smooth.

We met up bunch of Maniacs and Fanatic for a huge group photo before the race, it was great to be able to meet all the other runners, the whole group gathering would not have happened without the help from fellow Maniac Dave Mari, he is the best organizing group photo!!! It's always fun to see him in a race!! So after the photo shoot, we all headed to our corrals and get ready for the start.

What a great group of runners!!

I started in Corral 2 cuz I lied about my predicted time just so I could get start early, my goal was finish under 4 hours or just a PR on this course. I noticed the 3:45 pace group in my corral and decided to follow them to see how long I could stay with them. I started from staying behind them, to a few mins behind, to see them in a distance, to fading in distance, I was trying to follow the 4:00 pace group at about Mile 21 but couldnt hang on for long. But I was able to find some leftover fuel in my tank to push myself finished in 4:05.41, MY RNRAZ PR!!! 

Mile 1 - 8:34          Mile 14 - 9:15
Mile 2 - 8:22          Mile 15 - 8:40
Mile 3 - 8:22          Mile 16 - 9:45
Mile 4 - 8:23          Mile 17 - 10:19
Mile 5 - 8:33          Mile 18 - 9:53
Mile 6 - 8:32          Mile 19 - 9:44
Mile 7 - 8:36          Mile 20 - 10:57
Mile 8 - 8:33          Mile 21 - 11:05
Mile 9 - 8:25          Mile 22 - 11:01
Mile 10- 8 :44        Mile 23 - 10:20
Mile 11 - 8:49        Mile 24 - 10:59
Mile 12 - 8:26        Mile 25 - 11:23
Mile 13 - 8:22        Mile 26 - 9:54
                               Mile .2 - 1:53

1.2 miles to go!!

After the race, a few of us went to the Buffalo Wild Wings across the street from the ASU to enjoy our post race meal.

Heidi, Bryce, Ed, Sef and I at the Buffalo Wild Wings

Next Race............................Surf City Marathon 2-6-2011

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  1. Great race report ... I'm a new follower, 75 marathons! Amazing!!! Great job!